Faysal Quraishi Reveals Reasons For Not Working in Bollywood

Faysal Quraishi Reveals Reasons For Not Working in Bollywood. In a candid interview with Frieha Altaf, the Dil-e-Momin star shed light on the prevailing sentiment among some actors regarding the India’s attitude towards Pakistan. After seeing the cheers of the nation Faysal Quraishi said that the nation praises them and chant for them with good words like My Prince, My Tiger, My Love, My Dear, World Class No 1 Team.

Faysal Quraishi is a popular Pakistani television actor who is best known for his top-notch acting skills and hit dramas. Fans love the actor and wait for his dramas. The actor holds an international following as well. Faysal Quraishi is a patriotic person and always has his say about Pakistani issues and latest events.

In the interview, Faysal Quraishi emphasized the core issue as a matter of respect, stating he has not done Bollywood movies because Indians do not respect Pakistan or Pakistani actors. The actor voiced his concern about the negative portrayal of Pakistan and the propagation of what he termed “negative propaganda” in Indian media.

Faysal Quraishi Reveals Reasons For Not Working in Bollywood

Quraishi pointed out instances where Pakistanis have warmly received Indian celebrities when they visit Pakistan, but the same level of respect and love is not reciprocated for Pakistani celebrities in India. “It hurts me to see how Pakistanis extend their arms to welcome Indian celebrities, but we do not receive the same kind of love and respect in return when we visit India,” he noted during the interview. As a result of these sentiments, Faysal Quraishi firmly asserted his decision never to work in Bollywood.

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