Fawad Khan Spotted in Private Party

Fawad Khan is one of the most successful, famous, and beautiful actors of Pakistan. He has been one of those very fewer Pakistani celebs who rose to fame due to beautiful performance in the debut of bolly wood. Yes, you are right, Fawad Khan got much popularity due to his tremendous performance in bollywood movie named Khoobsurat, in which he appeared opposite Sonam Kapoor, and for this particular movie, Fawad was given a filmfare award and many appreciations.

Fawad Khan in Bollywood — spotted in a private party

Fawad Khan is making many headlines these days. He has become an official part of Indian movie industry. The hot Pakistani actor and fashion models has recently been spotted partying “in” group in Bollywood Town social party. He was giving an impression that he is a vital part of the party without whom the party could not be continued. Karan Johar, according to news, is one of the only directors and producers of Pakistan who are close with Fawad Khan.

See Abrar-ul-Haq hosting Ramzan transmission on A-plus:

Fawad Khan


This gives a clear impression that he arrived there at each vital occasion with Karan Johar and the two seems to be more than good professional companions, in other words I can say that both fawad khan and karan johar are good friends and nice business workers.

Deepika Padukone made many selfies with fawad at the event. She is a famous and well known actress of bollywood. She had actually been the person who arranged a grand party after the success of her movie PIKU. Piku has been topping the charts and has done great business all over the world.

On her very special party, deepika had invited various persons from bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Farah Khan, Karan Johar and others. Fawad Khan was also invited at the event and he came there along with karan johar.

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