Fawad and Sadaf’s Love Story is Not less Than a Fairytale! Check out!

Fawad Khan isn’t only a standout amongst the most attractive and sought after men in the showbiz business, yet the most honest partner also.  Fawad and Sadaf has the love story that is not less than a fairytale for the fans!

It all started at the age of 16 and continues till they got married!

Fawad got the early education from the place of Lahore Grammar School, while Sadaf attended the girls’ branch as into the same school. Fawad was the one who was complete mesmerized with the beauty of Sadaf and had a crush on her. They started chatting online. Fawad faced the diabetes issues at a very young age for which he was hospitalized as well. For being absent for so long days, Sadaf inquired about him that made him feel that she has the same feelings for him too.

Fawad proposed Sadaf and this was how their love story was all started! Fawad always kept his love life a complete secret and did not let anyone knew that they were dating even after the studies were finished. It was after 10 days of relationship that Fawad proposed her.

How cute!



Getting the approval of parents from both sides was a big challenge because Sadaf parents do not want their son in law from the showbiz. But at last the couple got married on November 12, 2005 just as right after their graduation.

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In so many of his interviews, Fawad Khan has called his wife as his biggest support and strength. She labels his wife to be a lady with the calm composed personality who handles life so easily. He labeled her as the ‘star wife’. For his wife as well, she takes Fawad as a complete family man where he knows that he has to give time to his family as well. They both are lucky to have each other by their side.

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