Fancy Men’s Shoe

Fancy Men’s Shoe, Shoes play an important role in every one’s life. The right selection of footwear can raise up your or break your look. So, if you want to make your look stylish, it’s necessary to pick the right one which helps  you to make your remarkable look. From running assignment to attending a formal gala, we’ve precise the selection of footwear that will grant you a trendy and modern look through out the occasion. Fancy Men’s Shoe, A lot of ideas in our Eid Series as to what you should carry or not which make your look stunned. In this post we’v picked out shoes for this festive season out there.



Borjan Shoes one of the Toppest Pakistani Brands. It’s been Serving us for almost 18 Years. 99 Borjan outlets are serving in 56 cities of Pakistan. Aim behind this to make their Consumer trendy and more stylish. Borjan Show in Pakistan has following Category like Men’s Lace-up Shoe, Party Shoe, Casual Shoe, Wedding Shoe and Formal Shoe.

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is the well known internationally Brand all over the World. Hush Puppies brand was established in 1958. Hush Puppies Shoes in Pakistan have the following Category like Dress Shoes, Casual Shoes, Party Shoes which have most Comfortable Shoes for your Feet.


Caterpillar is an American company which designs, develop, manufactures, market and Sells to buyers  through worldwide dealer network for different Products and work wear boots under its name Caterpillar. This Company was established in  on April 15, 1925 and is headquartered in Peoria. Caterpillar Shoes in Pakistan have the following Category like Casual Boots, Work Boots, Men’s Sutter Boots, Men’s water proof Boots which have Unique Shoe designs.


Metro Shoes in Pakistan is a nationwide brand. This was established in 1986. Metro  is one of the Perfect Fine Quality brands in trendy Footwear and all the accessories across the nation. This Company is serving us in High Quality of accessories and shoes. Every Outlet of this brand  is consciously planned. Metro Shoes in Pakistan has the following Category of Shoes like Casual Shoes, Dress Shoes, Sneakers, Leather Shoes and this all Shoe Variety in very Comfortable and Relaxable for your Foot wear.

Liberty Shoes

Liberty Shoes is the most trendy Stylish, Comfortable and Fine Quality leather Foot wear. Liberty shoes company is Operating in Italy, Germany and France. This Company has  worldwide network of 150 distributors, s, 400 showrooms and 6000 outlets. Liberty well over  60 years Now, Liberty Shoes In Pakistan have different Ranges Like Leather Shoes, Non-Leather Shoes, Dress Shoes, Wedding Shoes, Sports Shoes in most fine Quality.



N-Dure was Launched in 2008, N-DURE is a recent addition to the SSC brand portfolio. It offers a platform for the new generation. The product range contain casual, formal and sports’ shoes for men and women, focused on the urban lifestyle across a broad band of styling, ranging from formal to casual. SSC offers this brand to focusing on urban buyers.


Regal is an international brand which is internationally working from many decades. This brand is serving us in high-quality of shoes for everyone , from recent years this brand start working in Pakistan and in cities as well. Regal Shoes Eid Collection 2018 are unique ,radiant colors and beautiful designs in it. Shoes of this brand are very unique.

Regal Shoes Eid Collection 2018 For Men

As everyone knows that Eid is coming in next few days and this brand is working on new collection so that they bring something new for their consumer.

Final Verdict on Regal Shoes Eid Collection 2018

This is all about Eid collection. This brand will soon launch its Eid collection after that, you can easily buy any shoe which you want. If you did not try this shoe brand then on this Eid you should go for this brand.


Have you so tried for Bissino’s new collection of footwear designs for men? Bissino has been the ancestor of classic Eastern wear for men and women for almost a decade. Which was began in the early 2007 with the vision to create the most iconic, visually charming outfits. The new collection of Bissino has a wide range of trendy designs that you can easily get at Bissino outlets in Karachi. You can buy trending or even traditional footwear at Bissino for the upcoming event. All of the products are nothing short of tremendous and truly demonstrate the essence and spirit of the East.

The White Low Top Trainer

White low tops are perfect when styled with black jeans for a stunned look. A pair of white trainers is Excellent at a casual, yet neat look for While boots or chukkas are too much.

The Suede Chukka

Chukkas have burst back in popularity in recent years, having first become popular in the ‘1940s. The shoe is a minimal, round-toe, ankle-high boot with just two or three lacing curve. Traditionally featuring just two panels, the style is not big on ornamentation. Reject over-the-top embroideries.

We suggest you to buy a pair of tan or cream suede(lather) chukkas as the next addition to your wardrobe. These shoes find at a more casual end and offer an elegant alternative. Combine chukkas with a pair of jeans or chinos and a polo shirt for stunned look.

The Brogue

Like so many types of dress shoes, the brogue was formulated as a far more efficient shoe the way in which we wear it today. The slit and holes in brogues were originally there to drain water after crossing marshland and flood in muddy Ireland. Today, we think about the brogue with a little more respect. Hopefully, you won’t find yourself knee-deep too much when you carry them. Select lighter brogues for casual days and dark brown brogues for formal occasions.

When buying brogues remember as a rule of thumb, the more broguing on the shoe, the less formal it is.

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