Famous Celebrity Brothers we Are Waiting to See On Screen

There’s constantly excitement surrounding a celebrity’s household members. The fans and popular audiences are always intrigued and curious to know how the sibling fares in evaluation with their hooked up family members. In current years, we have seen a crop of new faces in the industry that are doing properly for themselves, however, we wanted to shortlist some of the most expected superstar brothers we can’t wait to see on television or film!

Abdullah Javed

Abdullah caught the internet’s interest on his sister Sana Javed’s birthday. The actress posted images with her brother and her Instagram followers went berserk over Abdullah’s looks. Abdullah is a mannequin and thanks to his public point out a few of his photoshoots also went viral. We assume Abdullah has it in him to make it massive in the world of glitz and glamour.

Adnan Raza Mir

The youngest member of the Mir clan, Adnan, is a face to watch out for. His father Asif Raza Mir and brother Ahad have continually been favored for their craft and desirable looks. Guess the Mir family may get lucky the 1/3 time as well. Adnan also shares a desirable rapport with to-be sister-in-law, Sajal Aly. He also frequently posts pictures of his brother and himself on social media.

Danyal Zafar

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Of Bekhabar fame, Danyal Zafar is Ali Zafar’s youngest brother who debuted on Coke Studio 10 opposite Momina Mustehsan. Before his singing debut, Danyal grew to be a recognised face thanks to his Sprite ads. Danyal has been working on his single EK Aur Ek 3 however we can’t wait to see him acting in motion pictures and TV serials. We heard Ali Zafar is making ‘Teefa In Trouble 2′, how about a clean persona for Danyal in the film?


Haider Mustehsan

Momina is already famous for her melodious voice and her ravishing looks, however little did we be aware of it’s in the genes. Momina’s youthful brother, Haider Mustehsan, grew to be the discussion of the city when his Instagram images went viral and Haider had his first media exposure. Haider is a musician and has spent most of his life in the U.S. With these looks, he has it in him to be the subsequent youngster on the block.

Manoucheher Munawar

Manoucheher, the youthful brother of Shehryar Munawar, is happily blessed with the identical dapper looks like that of his elder brother. Manoucheher is a banker and a philanthropist, and on top of that, he’s fantastically creative. He certainly has an actor or an artist hidden in him, which we can’t wait to explore. Now that the Munawar tribe has a home production company, Manoucheher doesn’t even have to go too far.

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