Fair And Lovely In Asian Countries

In Asian countries like Pakistan,India and Bangladesh women wants to have a fair skin tone and for this purpose they are attracted toFair And Lovely In Asian Countries_001 many beauty products that guarantee a fair skin tone within few weeks. Fair and Lovely is one the most popular brand of Pakistan which is used in almost every city of Pakistan. The reason for such high usage is, according to product advertisement:

“Fair and lovely creams have special fairness system that protect your skin for becoming darker and its formula also works within your skin to make it fairer as well.”


It contains many useful ingredients which helps us in improving our skin tone like Vitamin B3 which helps in reducing color pigment of our skin, Trip Sunscreen which protects our skin form harmful rays of sun, Natural Milk Proteins which makes our skin soft and supple and also improves skin fairness, Herbs like Honey, Lemon and rosewater improves natural fairness.

In last one would question that does it really work, well for some people it has really given some good results and for others it has only given temporary fairness but never the less it a product that is most commonly around the country and till date we have also not found any complain against it, so I think it is quite to safe to use.

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