Fahad Mustafa Getting Huge Hatred for Casually Taking #MeToo Movement as a Joke on Show

The #Metoo a development that has delivered numerous explicitly mishandled. With the changing of the laws concerning harassment as well, those mishandled feel progressively certain approaching and talking.

While the Meesha versus Ali case may have partitioned individuals as they would like to think and support of the particular celebrities, one thing is without a doubt, it has helped mindfulness on lewd behavior. Not just that, it has urged numerous voices to talk up and battle. However, what is amazingly baffling and debilitating in this situation, is the point at which somebody particularly, a well-dearest star giggles about this extremely delicate issue.

Sadaf Kanwal, took this issue excessively gently, while on HSY’s show, and individuals haven’t excused her for it.

Presently, Fahad Mustafa has disappointingly done likewise. On his show with Aijaz Aslam and Faisal Qureshi, he wrongly made a rough and inadmissible joke about provocation. Being pursued around the set by his companions, he was accounted for to have stated:

 “Mei kal Facebook per provocation ka case karun ga tum pe. Beta, ye chal raha hai. Kal to dekho tum log.” (I will set up a badgering body of evidence against you on Facebook. This is what is “in” nowadays. I’ll see you folks tomorrow.)

One’s mind just stops. In what manner can somebody really state this!

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