Eid-ul-Fitre 2012 Designer Saree Collection by Mansha

Mansha is a boutique house where eastern dresses are offered to customers. Dresses have traditional touch on it with the modernity as well. Mansha aims at providing the best design to its customers. Unlike many other boutiques, Mansha does not aim at making profits only but believe that if they satisfy their customers with what customers want then profits will follow them automatically. Mansha offers the seasonal and occasional collections of Sarees and Shalwar Kameez/Kurtas. Each dress has different price from other. The reason of different prices is that designs are totally different. You may find the different colors in same design but other than that each design is completely unique. Mansha’s collections are for their customers and that is why dresses are very much affordable. Mansha knows how to maintain their targeted customer group and how to make them happy. Moto of Mansha is to move with the trends and fashion of the subcontinent. That is why their designs are traditional and modern at the same time.

The tag line of Mansha is Where Wishes Are Designed.

After the huge success of Mansha Eid-ul-Fitr Suit Collection 2012 and Mansha Summer Suit Collection 2012, Mansha is back with its brand new Mansha Eid-ul-Fitre 2012 Designer Saree Collection. is here with the details of Mansha Eid-ul-Fitre 2012 Designer Saree Collection Sarees have always been the favorite attire of women’s wardrobe. Women of all ages, teen, adult, old, and even young girls now wish to wear Saree on occasions. Some women like to wear saree all the time where as some like to wear it on occasional basis. Keeping the demand of Sarees in mind, Mansha has launched their Mansha Eid-ul-Fitre 2012 Designer Saree Collection. Mansha has maintained their quality and uniqueness in their latest collection as well. All the saree designs are extremely different from one another. In some sarees two and in some three color combinations are used. All the combinations are elegant, decent and classy.

Here are some pictures of Mansha Eid-ul-Fitre 2012 Designer Saree Collection. Have a look:


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