Easy Tips To Gain Weight Quickly

Weight loss is one of the most common and debating problem among women. Women are using so many home remedies for losing their weight and also searching for others daily. Here we have shared with you so many weight loss tips and remedies but now i am going to share with you some easy tips o gain weight quickly. Yes, most of women are complaining that they are too thin or skinny. They want to increase their weight quickly to make their appearance out to be appealing and stunning for others. Eating too much amount of food is not a perfect idea to gain weight. The best combination of diet and exercise will help you to gain weight with healthy lifestyle. Here i have compiled the list of some easy tips for my readers, who want to gain weight quickly.

Easy Tips To Gain Weight Quickly

Easy Tips To Gain Weight Quickly 1

1. The first thing you should have to do for gaining weight is increase your calories intake. A young girl need minimum 1500 calories for healthy life. If you increase it with amount of 500 calories then you can gain weight quickly.

2. It doesn’t mean that intake calories with junk food and fried meals. But add those foods in your diet that are enriched with nutrition and protein.


3. You can also visit your doctor and get diet plan for gaining weight in a proper way.

4. If you want to gain weight quickly then you should have to eat those meals who are fully enriched with fats like butter, peanut, olive oil and nut.

5. You can also add vegetable salads in your diet for healthy life but if you want to gain weight then sprinkle some olive oil over the salads.

6. Drink two glass of milk to increase the chance of gaining weight. You can make your bones strong with milk as well as put on weight in no time.

7. You can also gain weight by drinking protein shakes like mango shakes, banana shakes and so many more.

8. Increase the amount of your food that you intake daily. You should have to add boiled eggs and shakes in your breakfast. In lunch and dinner eat two to three chapatis.

9. You can also add some snacks with your evening tea. You can also take some chocolates and beverages as they are full of with calories and fats.

10. Do exercise daily and join gym to gain weight in a proper way. You can do crunches, dead lifts, bench presses and so many exercise for gaining weight.

These all are easy tips to gain weight quickly but it is not recommended to intake so much food and avoid exercise. If you intake calories then must be do exercise regular for living healthy and strong.

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