Dress to Depress Fashion Trends

Its time to look at fashion shows, fashion designers and fashion critically. All the time we are presenting you guys with happening and stylish fashion shows and launches of latest collections etc. We gave you people their introduction with lots of flattering words and and “sometime” lies. I totally agreed with the view that Pakistani fashion industry is flourishing day by day and their is no doubt about it. But some times i go through some fashion shows and their collection which is totally weird and stressful. These creative designers designs and collections are more depressing then appealing. Do you guys really think that covering your self with head to toe in some strangely designed outfit can be a fashion. I mean come on people do u really wanna wear a dress with an egg print on it or an alien dress which made you look like some insect. I think they are just “dressed to depress”. Don’t you think so guys??? 🙂

Weird Fashion trends

fashion designers strange collection

strange fashion for girls


Depressing outfits



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