Designer Zara Shahjahan Gives out a Tweet About Rich People And Twitter Is Making it Problematic for Her

Zara Shahjahan has made an identify for herself. Her brand, ‘Zara Shahjahan’, has risen to the pinnacle of the list when one thinks of luxury diagram and pret in Pakistan. The brand is virtually ‘high end’ and exists in a fee bracket that most human beings in the united states cannot afford. They attraction to a niche audience and well, whatever you think, there is surely no damage in doing so.

Zara Shahjahan is a recognized name, which ability she is now a diagnosed identify on social media too. The fashion designer has a twitter account that has currently been getting a lot of hate for a tweet she posted remaining week.

As expected, Pakistani Twitter did not let this go!

So I’m starting a thread, you have to begin your tweet with let’s be honest. #letsbehonest life in Pakistan is hard for the prosperous so imagine the poor.

Yes, anyone is entitled to their opinion and entitled to share it, however, one  always be aware of their privilege and their biases. This country already suffers from the hole between instructions growing- the have and have nots are absolutely defined.

These instances are in particular testing, mainly for the have nots, and we all need to be a bit greater empathetic about the issue- that’s how we can perhaps pass closer to a solution.

Looking at things from an elite factor of view will now not solve things, in fact, it ought to be stated that it is phase of how we’ve gotten here.

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