Check Out Actors & Anchors During the Shoot of Title Track of #ShaneRamazan 2019

Do you want to know that which anchors and actors will be appearing in ARY special ramazan transmission this year? If not, then here we have some pictures from the title track shooting of Shane Ramazan 2019 of actors and anchors! Here we have some of them:

Well each single year the audiences are always curious to know about the celebrities being part of the ramazan transmission. ARY always hold the big and grand level of the transmission for the audience that adds the iftar and Sehri categories.

This time so many big names are coming in the front line for the transmission series and we are so excited for it. We are bringing you up with the names of Faisal Qureshi, Waseem Badami, Fahad Mustafa, Iqrar ul Hasan, Nida Yasir and so many more names which you would have caught in the previous years of transmission as well.


Wait for the first day of ramazan to catch this beautiful transmission on your TV screens!

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