Celebrities who Proved Dark Lipstick is all the Rage These Days

Dark lipstick is no longer an ‘out-there’ or ‘too daring’ look that should be excluded from your beauty repertoire. Whatever your skin tone, a plum, vamp or burgundy red amps up intrigue and can be worn alone on bare skin  or part of an ultra-glam look.

If you would like to take the plunge, make-up artists recommend using your natural lip-color as a guide and go two to four shades darker than that.

Some of our favorite celebrities are donning dark lips in all the right ways, inspiring us to try them ourselves. From bold to flirty, here are top picks that made our cut.

Selena Gomez

The singer is not slowing down on the trend! Gomez officially let us all know that she has evolved and so has her style with this super chic lip tint.

The starlet sure knows how to rock a myriad of makeup looks, especially lipstick. She was recently seen rocking dark lipstick and bangs at an exclusive party for the release of her new album, Rare. Smudged, brown eye shadow and liner also complemented the look without making it look too dramatic.

Sonya Hussyn

The Azaadi star is well-known for rocking bold makeup looks but this picture she recently shared on Instagram is the perfect combination of a darker lip an a traditional daytime outfit.

To get Hussyn’s look, invest in a good quality, matte red lipstick. You can either mix with a lighter lip creme to brighten up the shade or blot the lipstick with a tissue afterwards. A simple, smudged flick on the eyes and barely-there mascara is all you need to balance things out.

Lily Collins

This just might be our favourite dark lipstick look by a celebrity as of late. The Love, Rosie star’s precise lipstick and bare skin make for an arresting combination. Skip the eyeliner and foundation, instead apply a sleek coat of mascara for a more natural look.



Zara Peerzada

The model stunned at Eman Suleman’s shaadi this week. We can’t get over how she paired burgundy lips and nails with Eastern formal wear and accessories. For an arresting vibe while still hitting all the right desi wear notes, opt for a matte lipstick and barely-there eyes.

Vanessa Hudgens

The newly-single High School Musical star seems to be doing better than ever, with an array of ethereal yet sophisticated looks inspiring the Hollywood fashion scene as of late. Her dark plum lips with a bright white ensemble gives a clean vibe as well as depth and we think it’s a perfect day-time or dinner cut.

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