Celebrities Vs Celebrities in Lux Style Awards 2013




Lux Style Award 2013 was held in October 2013 where many celebrities were encouraged due to their different styles in their fields. Whether they are singer, actor or new talent everyone was shining there. Celebrities tried to dress up different from any other in the show but many of celebrities got matched by color of their dresses. Here we have showed you their mash up and you tell us who is looking more beautiful in the group?

Celebrities Vs Celebrities:

Grace Of White:

Celebrities VS Celebrities in lux style awards 03                   Celebrities Vs Celebrities In Lux Style Award 2013 -Celebrities in Grace Of White Dresses.

Amina Sheikh, Farieha Altaf, Mahira Khan, Saima Azhar and Zaara Peerzada wore white dresses in Lux Style Award Show 2013. So what do you think who is looking more graceful in white? My vote goes to graceful and decent ‘Mahira Khan’.  

Elegant Black:

Celebrities VS Celebrities in lux style awards 2013 pic 02 copy                 Celebrities Vs Celebrities In Lux Style Award 2013- Celebrities In Elegant Black Dresses

Black in night parties always give a beauty look to woman and man as well. It’s an evergreen color which gives elegant look always. Here Khadijah Shah, Iman Ahmed, Maha Burney, Amna Ilyas, Saba Qamar and Meesha Shafi are wearing black. Who is looking more elegant in black?

Goldie Gold:

Celebrities VS Celebrities In lux style award 2013 pic 03                  Celebrities Vs Celebrities In Lux Style Award 2013-Celebrities In Goldie Gold Dresses

Whenever I see someone wearing golden color it always reminds me the history of Egyptian goddess (princess) who always wore dresses made by fine wires of gold which makes them different from any other women of estate. Here some celebrities also tried to give same effect. Humaima malik, Maheen Kareem, Meera and Ayyan Ali are wearing golden dresses. Meera is looking worst among all but you tell us the best one.

All Time Favourite-Sarees:

Celebrities VS celebrities in lux style award pic 04                  Celebrities Vs Celebrities In Lux Style Award 2013-Celebrities In All Time Favourite Attire Saree

Saree is an attractive and beautiful attire which always looks beautiful in parties and shows. Here also some celebrities wore sarees in the show and most of them are looking superb. Sara Bharwana (Mrs Atif Aslam) is looking like a cute doll while Ayesha fazil ( Mrs Ali Zafar) didn’t impressed much in this saree. Mehreen Syed has taken the crown of best selection of sarees. Sana Sarfaraz is also looking stylish and elegant in black Saree.

Shining Silk:

Celebrities VS Celebrities in lux style award 2013 pic 05                  Celebrities Vs Celebrities In Lux Style Award 2013-Celebrities In Shining Silky Dresses

Silk has always been used as party wear in all era of fashion. Here Momina Sibtain, Rabia Butt, Feeha jamshed, Ayesha Omer and Noor are wearing Shining Silk. I think Ayesha Omer is looking very lovely in all of them. Am I right or wrong? You tell us in your comments.





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