Bridal Beauty Preparations; Do’s and Don’ts

The brides-to-be become more and more conscious as the wedding bells starts ringing, every girl dreams to be the most amazing and prettiest bride ever. So, here we present some Do’s & don’t of Bridal beauty preparations.

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Now as the wedding season is in its full swing with all the excitement we will share some of the useful and helpful beauty tips so that you can glow on your wedding day!

Follow these bridal beauty preparations do’s and don’t.

  • Keep your hands moisturized all the time. We will advise you to keep a small bottle of moisturizer in your handbag, this way you can take care of your hands in a better way.
  • Be regular with your weekly manicures at least two months before the wedding, decide the shape and length of your nails and maintain them.
  • Never die or color your hairs a week before your wedding date, at least give this new experiment a try before 3-4 months so that your hair expert can make alterations or deal with any kind of damage.
  • Don’t take any hair cut or any trimming when there’s only a week left.
  • Consult the skin specialist if any kind of allergy or acne attacks your skin.
  • Make a routine to clean tone and moisturize your skin.
  • Stick with the make-up brand that suits your skin, don’t try the new ones.
  • Make the habit of cleaning and polishing your teeth so that you can carry a confident beautiful smile on your wedding day.
  • Once, to twice, a week you should exfoliate your skin, concentrating on areas such as elbows knees and feet. Follow up with a deep moisturizer.


These are some very easy to follow and simple tips we have gathered for you, but we assure you that following these will result in a beautiful and more confident YOU on your wedding day

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