Azaan Sami Khan Talks about His Relationship With Father Adnan Sami Khan

The enterprise is blooming with talent and we for one are continually completely happy to see that. Now one famous person child who has lately managed to make a place for himself in basic terms on his Genius is Azaan Sami Khan who composed beautiful tracks for the Hamza Ali Abbasi starrer Parwaaz Hai Junoon as properly as Sheheryar Munawwar’s Paray Hut Love. With him to also make a performing debut with Patakh Dey, it is his very own penned down movie Superstar staring Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf which is receiving rave reviews these days too.

But one factor which has usually made us marvel is whether or not his famous father Adnan Sami Khan who is now a dedicated Indian is even proud of the achievements which his son has received in a brief length of time or no longer and whether or not they even share a civil relationship as we take into account him when he was very younger,  Adnan had taken Azaan away from his mom Zeba Bakhtiar and was once returned after some time .

Talking about his father in a latest interview, Azaan stated:

‘My father is greater like a mentor , I can are searching for recommendation from him , we have had an bizarre relationship in my existence and because of that it is greater like a mentor, a friend but it is no doubt an excellent relationship ‘ .


Talking about how he has never overtly stated anything about him mainly with Adnan Sami Khan always favouring India, Azaan replied

‘As a baby I have no right to remark on his alternatives , I can say what I like in front of him but he is my father and I will admire him for something he chooses to do . Me, on the other hand made my choices and I have been very clear that I am a Pakistani and choose to work right here ‘.

With Azaan discovering some of the memes made on his father humorous , we truly loved the way how he chose to communicate about him in a dignified manner and hope the duo do make some amazing song sometime together too !

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