ARTEL Latest Fashion Jewellery by Bina Ali

ARTEL is a handmade brand for furniture, jewelery and artifacts etc. ARTEL was established in 1996 by Bina Ali. Recently at the coming Eid ul Azha occasion Artel by Bina Ali are offering exclusive sale on her hand made and hand printed jewellery for women. Bina Ali latest fashion jewellery is no doubt finely finished and fashionably painted. The square shape bangles are also the hottest trend in Pakistan now a days and if you find matched necklaces and earrings with it too then nothing else is what u need to look stylish. So girls don’t waste time and visit Artel by Bina Ali and get advantage of 50% off sale on her products. Lets have a quick look at Bina Ali wooden jewellery 2011-0212 for girls…

Latest Fashion jewellery for girls by Artel Bina Ali 2011

fashion jewellery bangles, necklace and earrings for girls

Latest Fashion hand painted wooden jewellery for girls 2011-2012


Source: ARTEL by Bina Ali


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