Amir Baig Bridal Collection at Bridal Collection Week 2012

Amir Baig is a talented and famous fashion designer of Pakistan. Recently, Amir Baig has launched his latest bridal collection 2012 at Pantene bridal couture week 2012. In this bridal fashion show, Amir Baig presented his latest bridal dresses include the best combination of eastern as well as western elements. Moreover, all bridal dresses from his bridal collection include best mix of bright colours and beautiful embellishments. In simple words, we can say that each bridal dress truly represents the unique work of style and art. Furthermore, his bridal collection includes polka dots and different geometrical shapes. The show stopper for Amir Baig bridal collection 2012 was Nida Yasir and she was wearing beautiful multi coloured coatdress. Let’s waste no more time and check out the latest bridal collection 2012 by Amir Baig at Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2012.

Nida Yasir wearing Amir Baig collection at BCW 2012

Eraj at BCW 2012


Beautiful bridal dress by Amir Baig 2012


Bridal dress in multicolours by Amir Baig 2012

Stunning bridal dress by Amir Baig 2012

Latest Amir Baig bridal dress 2012

Exclusive bridal collection by Amir Baig

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