Amazing and Unforgettable Styles of Beards Which Men Should Try

If we count on the names like Abraham Lincoln and Constantin Brancusi and then we have Charles Dickens, all of these men maintained healthy and enriching amount of facial hair. They had these heavy beards. Do you know that beard is an image of masculinity, it is true! Men having beards, that means they are an image of self-reliance and robustness. Normally beards are a sign and symbol of power. So check out these unforgettable styles of beards and try them as well:

Balbo Beard Style For Narrow Chin Guys

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First one we have this Balbo beard style. It is one of the exclusive short in length beard styles. Robert Downey started this trend. This style takes us back to the classic looking goatee beard style. If you are one of the narrow chin guys then this beard style will look perfect on you.

Stubble Beard Style

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Next one we have stubble beard style. It is one of the most famous beard styles as well. This beard style is much easier to grow and maintain as well. Just keep this beard short and grow it in a heavier and fuller manner. Try with this amazing hairstyle right now!


Zappa Beard Style

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This beard style comes from the name of this legend Frank Zappa. This beard style is a nitty-gritty kind of bad boy beard style. You will look like a secret Musketeer upon carrying this beard look. You would love suggesting this hairstyle to others.

Soul Patch Beard Style

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This beard style is usually grown just beneath your lower lips. Make sure that men groom this beard style in a careful manner. This beard look requires heavy maintenance. This will look so enhancing amazing and well groomed for the men personality.

Verdi Beard Style

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It is one of the fierce and fancy kind of beard styles. This beard is angled and comes with pointed looks. Do not forget to have curled mustache as well with this beard style.

Let us know which beard style you can carry well!

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