Alizeh Shah Latest Click Targeted With DRUG ADDICT

Alizeh Shah Latest Click Targeted With DRUG ADDICT. Actress Alizeh Shah’s social media activity has been becoming inconsistent with passing time, maybe because of all the criticism the actress receives whenever she posts something on her accounts however the adorable Pakistani star has lately uploaded a stunning picture on her Instagram handle but once again social media users have arrived at the comment section to troll the actress.

Actress Alizeh Shah receives public backlash after a video clip of her smoking hash goes viral on social media. Netizens are enraged with the Tana Bana star for taking illegal drugs.

reviously, a video of Alizeh Shah ended up going viral during which the celebrity was captured smoking. Alizeh was seen sitting in the car, minding her own business and smoking a cigarette which the social media users assumed to be not plain but drugs, however a person ended up making a video of the Pakistani star and it took the internet by storm.Now when Alizeh has posted a snap of herself after quite some time, netizens are in no mood to spare the actress. The comment section of the post is filled with negative remarks trolling the actress on her choice of using drugs. Ruthless social media users have even made fun of Alizeh Shah’s latest act which is totally unnecessary. However the fact that trolls don’t let public figures live in peace has once again been proved.

Alizeh Shah Latest Click Targeted With DRUG ADDICT

Alizeh Shah is a talented young Pakistani actress. She is quickly becoming a household name in the country. Popularly known as ‘the girl next door’, Alizeh Shah has achieved great success in a short span of time. Alizeh is one of the few actresses who has polished her skills. This is one of the reasons why she has such a massive fan following. Aside from her acting and singing, Alizeh Shah has also done modeling shoots for various popular fashion brands. Alizeh is very active on social media. She uses her Instagram to share beautiful pictures from her shoot with various designer brands.

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