Ali Zafar Reacts to Ranveer Singh’s Tweet In Support of Arrested Indian Pilot Abhinandan

In the middle of the war conditions between India and Pakistan, celebrities from both the nations are in state of war as well. Recently it was much evident from one of the tweet responses that happened to take place between Ali Zafar and Ranveer Singh. When Ali Zafar was working in Bollywood, it was being witnessed around that both of these actors shares a good bonding between each other. But now it seems like that something is wrong between them!

As it was officially announced that the Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan was arrested, so many Bollywood celebrities step ahead and prayed for his released. But then Imran Khan announced to release him as the feel of peace gesture which was appreciated by so many celebrities from the side of both the nations.

Check out what Ranveer Singh has to stay in support of the Indian pilot arrest!

In replying back with Ranveer Singh tweet, Ali Zafar came up with the reply as below:


Well we really hope that the war condition between two nations comes to an end and the celebrities get the chance to share screen space together once again!

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