Ali Zafar Enjoying His Family’s Company These Days

Ali Zafar is one of the most exceptional Pakistani singers, tv and film celebrities. What a lucky man Ali Zafar is, he got success both in Pakistan and across the border in India.

Ali Zafar with huge fan following

It is absolutely true that since the day he started his career, Ali has gotten huge fan base. He has been highly liked on social media networks and followed on twitter a lot.

See Ali Zafar Blessed With A Baby Girl-Exclusive Pictures

Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar Became Parent Again

Famous and highly appreciated Ali Zafar has recently been blessed with another kid. God is so so nice to have given this star another blessing of a child. Ali married to a beautiful and gorgeous lady Ayesha Fazli.

The couple married back in 2008. They have their first baby boy named Azaan. Ali Zafar and his wife Ayesha Fazli have now been blessed with a baby girl a few days ago. At that moment, both of them were very happy.

The whole family of Ali and his wife were present there at the time the lady was hospitalized for delivery of the baby. The little girl was born in a hospital of Lahore.


Ali Zafar has even shared the pictures of his beautiful daughter with his fans. In an interview with media, he told that he is lucky to have such a wonderful wife. More than this, he is lucky to be blessed with two healthy and gorgeous kids.

See Ali Zafar Conscious about His Career

Ali Zafar

Ali said thanks to Almighty Allah for blessing him with such a wonderful baby. He said that he is very happy and now feels that his life and family is complete.

Ali further said that he loves his wife a lot and thankful to her as well for giving him such a wonderful and remarkable gift. Ali said that his children are precious for him.

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