Akif Ilyas Summer 2012 Fashion Shoot Of Yellow I Love You Collection

Akif Ilyas is a very famous photographer of Pakistan as well as makeup artist.Akif Ilyas has been working in this field since very past years ago and running his beauty salon and photography studio under the supervision of famous fashion designers.Akif Ilyas summer 2012 latest Yellow I Love You Collection has recently launched.
Akif Ilyas is very young and talented and soon be famous among showbiz.Akif Ilyas has done a photo shoot of his summer fashion trend for boys and girls in which he has represented the summer makeup as well as photography, which are looking awesome.Akif Ilyas has also presented his Yellow I Love You Collection in which you will find trendy and stunning western wear dresses for both boys and girls.This Akif Ilyas summer 2012 fashion outfits are perfect for formal wear as well as late night parties.The feature model of this collection is Ayyan Ali and some other models are also looking glamorous.Over all the makeup, photography and outfits, all are superb and mind blowing..Let’s have a look at them..

Akif Ilyas Summer 2012 Fashion Photo Shoot.

Akif Ilyas Summer 2012.

 Complete Collection:



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