Ahsan Khan Gonna doing something funny with Comedy King Zaid Ali !

Zaid Ali, otherwise known as Zaid Ali T, is the ultimate comedy videos king. He has fan around the world, especially in Pakistan, who wait for his sarcastic brown life problems related videos. Previously, he came to Pakistan for awards show and celebrities flocked to have a selfie with him.

Now, he is back in the country but it seems that he is here for something special. Because, this selfie with Ahsan Khan is definitely causing an uproar of rumours.

We guessed over all rumours that Ahsan Khan will soon be hosting a fun kids game show, and Zaid Ali is going to be a special guest in one of the episodes.Here is what Ahsan Khan captioned the picture with:


Funny guy, zaid ali !:)) #games#fun#show#kids#happeningnow#comingsoon

It won’t be wrong to say that, after Udaari, Ahsan Khan has managed to make a special place in Pakistani entertainment industry. No matter what he does, we know that he puts in extra heart and efforts in it.


And when Khan’s efforts, double up with the king of puns – Zaid Ali – we know something definitely exciting will be brewing in. We can’t wait for the show to go on air, especially the episode where Pakistani American Zaid will be making us laugh our heads off.

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