Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali Relationship Gives us Major Couple Goals

As we talk about some of the most wanted celebrity dating couples in Pakistan, then on top of the list we definitely take the name of Ahad Raza mir and Sajal Ali. Both of them are becoming the main talk of the town and the fans wants to know about the reality behind their rumored dating storyline!

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Ahad and Sajal started their journey from calling themselves to be just friends as they appeared together in the serial, Yaqeen ka Safar. The serial was high on popularity when the role of Ahad Raza Mir came into the limelight and was paired with Sajal Ali. The couple shared a strong screen space with each other and hence they did show their best performances that is still fresh in the minds of people.

Ahad and Sajal couple becomes even much more famous when they walked together for the fashion bridal show and their fans started dreaming about their wedding and calling them to be the couple. The couple was later on seen together in so dining out and in so many events together. The couple was given best onscreen couple award where they appreciate each other work and put each other as behind each other success. Recently they have done an advertisement together and now they are working together in a serial, Aangan.


In so many interviews they have accepted that both of them are holding a special place in each other life and it would be too early to call them as a couple because they are good close friends only. Ahad did mention in his one interview that Sajal is very close to her family and they all share a close family bonding with her. Her mother is very fond of Sajal. Whereas on other side in an interview, Sajal called Ahad as “special”.


Well seeing this couple getting engaged or married would be big news for this couple because they look so cute and perfect made for one another. Do you want this couple to get married?

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