Aamir Liaquat Announced to Take Legal Court Case Against Load Wedding Team

Did you watch Load wedding? Did you notice a character in the film giving resemblance with Aamir liaquat? Well this character might be noticed for a few seconds but Aamir is definitely angry on the fact that how his character has been put into role for a film without his consent and permission. He has decided to take the legal action against the film members and cast crew.

This happened at the time when one of the news publication said some inappropriate things on the Twitter about why Mehwish is getting the honor. Mehwish ordered the publication to take back the statement otherwise she will be taking legal action against the publication. This made Aamir Liaquat to memorize Mehwish that she should also be sued for defaming Aamir Liaquat in her film Load Wedding, and that too without asking him.


This is what Aamir Liaquat has to say through her Twitter statement:

Well we think that it is the legal right of aamir to take action against the team and direction crew to portray his character without his consent and that too in a humiliate way! What is your opinion about it? Stay tuned to this webpage for more updates!

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