9 Best Pakistani VJ turned Actresses

These Pakistani Actors are leading the Pakistani showbiz with their glamour, talent and love from people. The ladies that were once VJs and only famous among the youth of Pakistan, are now a common name in every household. The top 9 Pakistani VJ turned Actresses are:

  • Hira Tareen- VJ turned Actresses

Hira Tareen has done it all from being VJ and DJ to model and an actress. She has proved to be a full-on talented Pakistani, breaking all stereotypes. This Pakistani actress started off with Shopping 360 on Style 360. The show was about this VJ going to different brands and designers and showing people of what’s in and what’s not.

Hira Tareen - Beautiful Pakistani Actress and VJ

  • Naveen Waqar

The energetic, VJ Fuse from Aag TV is our very own Naveen Waqar. Naveen was the first VJ whose TV show also went live on the radio. This Pakistani VJ has immensely evolved through the years and made herself count as one of the best actresses. These days, she is playing the lead in two dramas at Hum TV.

Naveen Waqar - Beautful VJ and Actress

  • Ayesha Omer

The khoobsurat Ayesha Omer started as a host on PTV in 2002. She continued her career as a VJ on MTV Pakistan with VJ Dino. The beautiful lady soon launched a couple of songs. She is one of the top actresses in Pakistani showbiz. Her role as a Pakistani actress makes her stand out anything else.

Ayesha Omer - Pakistani stunning actor and VJ


  • Hina Altaf- VJ turned Actresses

VJ Hina Altaf started her career from Play Your Request and News Play on Play TV, alongside famous VJs like Maiez Arif and VJ Vasey. However, recently she was spotted playing leads in Hum TV’s Misaal and Udaari. Despite her success as an actor, she chose to host a show on ARY Zindagi. Hina is a real sweetheart and loved by people of all ages.

VJ Hina Altaf - Pakistani VJ turned Actor

  • VJ Madiha- VJ turned Actresses

The Ishq Mein Tere girl, Madiha Imam began her journey as a VJ with a show on MTV and soon appeared on ARY Musik with a very energetic show where she’d discuss all the trendy gadgets with her fans. After she figured out that she was vastly loved by the viewers, she moved to the Pakistani Drama Industry.


VJ Madiha - Pakistani Beautiful VJ turned Actress

  • Sanam Jung

Our most-loved morning show host Sanam Jung, in 2008 started as a Pakistani VJ on Play TV’s show. This gorgeous turned to an actor after hosting a show on Aag TV. Her first project that went on-screen as an actor was Dil-e-Muzter on Hum TV. Today, Sanam rules so many house-holds. Recently, she was blessed with a baby girl names Alaya.

Sanam Jung - Loved Pakistani VJ and Actor

  • Syra Shahroz- VJ Turned Actresses

Syra Shahroz started her career as a Pakistani VJ with Bheja Fry and Most Wanted on MTV Pakistan. Her cuteness won so many hearts that she soon started with acting on Hum TV’s hit- Mera Naseeb. VJ Syra is wife to the chocolaty boy Shahroz Sabzwari and mother to a year old Nooreh.

Syra Shahroz - Pretty Pakistani VJ turned Actress

  • Urwa Hocane

As a teenager, Urwa-tul-Wusqa Hocane was a sensation on Play TV for a huge number of teenagers back in 2008-2009. She was a Pakistani VJ before she opted for acting as a career. After overwhelming response from the viewers, she appeared on TV in 2012 opposite Sajal Aly. This Pakistani VJ turned Actor was also a part of Fahad Mustafa’s Na-maloom Afraad and recently played a lead in Udaari.

Urwa Hocane - Pakistani VJ turned Actor

  • Mahira Khan

The enchanting, Mahira Khan was once the most wanted Pakistani VJ at MTV Pakistan’s Most Wanted. She was only 16 when she started. After appearing on her show on Aag TV, Mahira was captured by Shoaib Mansoor for his movie Bol. The movie was a total hit and then there was no looking back for Mahira.

VJ Mahira - VJ turned Actress Pakistan

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