7 Times Hania & Asim Did not Care about The social Media Trolls in Sharing Pictures

Celebrity couples entice a lot of attention to themselves, from their fans and from the media. This attention can be of two types; good, fan-type attention and bad, trolling attention. Sadly, in Pakistan, the latter is more famous and extra prominent. Trolls are everywhere and their favorite goal is celebrity couples. Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar have slowly come to be the pinnacle targets, however to the frustration of these trolls, they don’t give a damn!

Here is an entire listing of all the proof you need:

Their first ever picture collectively where they were themselves and made us all marvel if they had been together.

Then there was this time when they both stared into every other’s eyes and didn’t care about what humans said.

There used to be additionally that time they both posed on the edge of a fence, looking all fierce.



‘Asim, what is this behavior’, is in all likelihood now not what Hania Aamir used to be pronouncing in this moment.

Hey, this is just two adults keeping every different warm on a cold Lahori night.

They through on some shade at all the haters.

And they also had an absolute ball at Hania’s birthday, and they just laughed at all the haters.

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