3rd Hum Awards, Pakistani Celebrities in Dubai

There have had been a lot of news and exciting information about 3rd Hum Awards. A lot of Pakistani celebrities have been in Dubai to attend this grand event.

Pakistani Celebrities and Their Selfies

What an amazing thing that none of the Pakistani celebrities was behind the race of getting the attention of cameras and media. Some of them even made their selfies and shared the moments with their fans in Pakistan.

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Pakistani Celebrities

About a week ago, it was also reported that the Hum Network has planned to contact the King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Katrina Kaif to host this show.

A Glamorous Night

No doubt it is true that 3rd Hum Awards has been a glamorous night. This is one of the moments when the celebrities try their best to look prominent.

While my time in Dubai, I happened to come across a number of Pakistani celebrities who were there to attend this grand ceremony.

Pakistani Celebrities Looking Happy

Obviously, an award ceremony is the moment when the Pakistani celebrities get the chance to enjoy their life and get appreciation for all their efforts throughout the year. There have been various nominations for each of the category of this award show.


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Pakistani Celebrities

The function has been one of the highly anticipated functions of Pakistan entertainment industry during this year. The Pakistani celebrities are suggested to work really hard in their shows so that they can get the chance to win some more titles.

I believe this ceremony has been an exciting moment to present the talented and skillful people a chance to showcase what kind of talent they have hidden in their personalities.

I am sure the moments you can watch online about this show and how the Pakistani stars have taken it. Such award ceremonies are purposed to encourage them.

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