What Causes Gray Hairs in Children

What causes gray hairs in children? There are a lot of common traits and reasons associated with this question. Usually the children grow up normally and with normal genes. Those with abnormalities of body of different types start developing gray hairs. Here we are going to tell you what causes gray hairs in children.

Genetic Problems – what causes gray hairs in children

One of the leading causes of gray hairs in kids is the genetic problems and premature maturational schedules. This is one of the reasons our children are suffering from gray hairs. According to a research of Australia published in the 2005 issue of the “Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings”, the gray hairs in children are often the result of extreme dandruff. We take dandruff lightly, but the truth is it is a very serious and life threatening complication that requires our immediate attention. In the children, the prevalence of gray hairs jumped from 18 percent to over fifty percent in the last few years.

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What Causes Gray Hairs in Children



Caucasian is one of the most common and major reasons our children start developing gray hairs. This leads them to suffer from a lot of complications as well. Usually the parents and forefathers are the one who give the gray hairs in early ages to the offspring in the form of inheritance.

Lack of proper food

Yes, it is also a reason of gray hairs in children. Lack of proper food leads them to suffer from a lot of complications. The children can develop white and boring looking hairs. Even baldness can take place if they are not provided with sufficient and proper food materials and drinking items. It is the duty of parents to provide the kids with proper and regular food so that they can avoid gray hairs.


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