Tips To Make You Look Slimmer

People say  “Slim people can wear anything and that will suit them” , I personally don’t agree with it. I have seen many fat people wearing stuff which is meant to slim but yet they look pretty and slim. It all how to carry and wear the clothes that will define how they look on you and how you look wearing them. In today’s fashion article we will tell you on tips to make you look slimmer. 

Tips To Make You Look Slimmer

Following are the Tips To Make You Look Slimmer

Tips To Make You Look Slimmer

1. Understand Your Body Shape

The first tip among the tips to make you look slimmer is that you should understand your body shape. If you know your body shape you will dress accordingly. It will help you keep you lower and upper halves balanced.  Those who are slim from above and fat from below can go for dark pants and light color tops. If you have broad shoulders we suggest you go for close fitting top and flared pants or shirt.

2. Skinny Heels with Pointy Toes

If you plan to wear tights or flappers and you have fat legs we suggest you wear skinny heels with pointy toes . This will make your legs look slim and smart.


3. Grazing & Structure Fabric

If you are wearing tights below we would suggest you wear something lose on top of it rather then wearing a fitted shirt. Similarly if you are wearing loser flapper below you should go to tight shirt on top on it.  But make sure that it is not very fitted. Moreover, dresses made from a structured fabric hide imperfections, while crisscross detailing visually breezes in your middle.

4. Set Your Own Rule

There is another tip among the tips to make you look slimmer. Set your own rule there is no hard and fast rule in fashion. You can wear what looks good on you. Just try out different things and see what look best and what makes you look slimmer and next time you can wear that.

5. Choose Color Strategically

Now if you plan to look slimmer one important factor is that you choose bright colors. If you go for pastel colors they will make you look more fat. The bold colors will not only be attractive but they will also make you look slim and smart.

6. Not Too-Tight Clothes

Generally people think that if they wear fitted clothes it will make them look smart but i am sorry to destroy this fantasy of yours. If you are fat and  you wear fitted clothes it will make you look huge rather then slim. Go for clothes that are a size bigger so that you not only wear them comfortably but also look nice.

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