Home Made Remedies Tips For Hand Care In Summer 2012

In this post, we will discuss homemade remedies tips for hand care. In every season, skin is the most affected part of every human body. Person should know that human hands are flimsy and they require special attention and care. As we know that age of every person is defined by his/her hands not only face. These days, people use soaps for washing their hand. But unfortunately, they don’t know that soaps contain harmful chemicals which bring negative effects on human skin. We recommend homemade remedies tips for hand care in summer 2012. Firstly, women should know that manicure treatments include different creams and lotions that would be harmful for skin care. It is very important that women should maintain their skin health by using homemade remedies which are best traditional method. The most important home remedy for hand care is that women should take half glass of rosewater and then mix glycerine in it. Mix them thoroughly and then make a smooth paste. After making smooth paste, women should apply on her hands and give a gentle massage. Afterwards, leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse her hands with water. Secondly, women should wash her hands in warm water by adding small quantity of salt in it. In this way, her hands will get smooth and soft.


 Finally, these homemade remedies tips for hand care are very effective and every woman should apply these homemade remedies in summer season 2012.


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