Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

Posted on Dec 13 2012 - 4:36pm by Hira

In this world, almost every person would love to drink coffee. There many people who would love to drink coffee in their breakfast, office breaks and winter nights. But many people only know about the advantages of coffee they don’t know about the disadvantages. Well in this article we will discuss main advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee. The main and important advantages of drinking coffee are as follows:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

  1. The most important advantage of drinking coffee is the disease prevention. According to latest research that coffee is very helpful for decreasing the chances of many diseases like cancer, diabetes, gallstones and many


  2. The second advantage of drinking coffee is the stimulation and mental boost. By drinking a single cup of coffee, person can work more efficiently and incredible.
  3. Lastly, we would like to mention that drinking coffee has many physical benefits. Coffee is very helpful and beneficial for speeding up the metabolism.

On the other hand, drinking coffee has many disadvantages. The main disadvantages of coffee are as follows:

  1. The most important disadvantage of coffee is the physical problems. The main physical problems are ulcers, irregular heart rhythm and palpitations.
  2. Secondly, coffee is considered to be highly addictive item. If person is strongly addicted to coffee then his sense of memory and concentration gets suffers.
  3. Lastly, coffee also brings certain birth defects. According to recent research that those women who drink coffee in maximum quantity during their pregnancy period facing high risks of having birth defects and miscarriages. Because of this reason it is important that pregnant woman should consult her doctor before drinking coffee.

So these are important advantages and disadvantages of coffee. So it is advisable that before consuming coffee person should consider its main benefits and coffee disadvantages.

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