Uses of Baby Oil

Baby oil is normally found in almost every person homes, in case if you do not have any, then its better you buy one for yourself. Here areuses-of-baby-oil-01 some of the economical uses of baby oil.

  1. If you find it difficult to buy an expensive makeup remover for yourself. You just need to buy baby oil for yourself. It will not only remove makeup from your face with great ease but will also left a smoothening effect on your skin.
  2. In cold winter, if your hands are getting drier and you are find crack on your heels. Then you must follow this economical beauty tips, at night, wash your hands and feet and apply baby oil on your hands and heels and rub in circular motion, it will not only make your nails look good but will leave a soft impact on your hands and heels.
  3. If you boys are finding it difficult to buy an expensive shaving cream for yourself. Then you should use baby oil on your skin, rub on your hairs and within few minutes, it will make your shave soft and you are ready for a complete fresh look.
  4. If you are finding it difficult to get rid of frizziness of your hairs, then use this baby oil beauty tip and apply few drops on your palm and apply it on your hairs, it will make your hairs look limp and you would be able to control frizz more effectively.
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