Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Travel Freaks

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Travel Freaks, Who doesn’t love travelling? Travelling is the easiest way to calm your senses and experience mindfulness. We often see many celebrities travelling for work or vacations. Here are some celebs that are travel freak and their Instagram is bombarded with amazing travel posts;


Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Travel Freaks

Aleezay Tahir

Aleezay Tahir got married not long ago. She and her husband are travel goals. Ever visited their Instagram? You would know they love travelling. From waterfalls to lush, green landscapes, the couple has seen it all, together.

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz, the famous actress of Suno  Chanda, seems a travel geek, too. From Thailand to Turkey, she also travels on and off either for work or vacations.

Sumbul Iqbal

The gorgeous actress, SumbulIqbal loves travelling either it’s a domestic travel or an international one. Her recent travel destination was Baku, Azerbaijan and Hina Altaf accompanied her for the trip. Her pictures are on social media, and we cannot wait to visit the beautiful city of Azerbaijan.

Maya Ali

Maya Ali recently travelled to Thailand and her posts were all about ‘#vaccytime.’ Riding down the zip line to waking up to the beautiful view at Sheraton Samui Resort, we know she has enjoyed every bit of her recent vacations. Apart from that, she has also smelled the lush, green nature in KPK and witnessed the tall skyscrapers of Dubai.

Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat Gillani is a travelling geek too. We can’t get over her recent pictures from London diaries. She gave us some beautiful pictures of her London-tour and we really can’t get over how classy she looked throughout her whole trip.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Travel Freaks

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