Trends Of Kids Shoes 2014 For Eid

Eid is coming soon just within few weeks so all the kids are getting conscious about finding the best shoes for them. Inside the fashion market the trends of kids shoes have been taking many turns and twists. But it has been so far seen that kids shoes are usually colorful and filled with brighter colors. In favor of Eid 2014 there are many brands that are coming ahead with their Eid kids shoes collections such as Bata and Servis.

Trends Of Kids Shoes 2014 For Eid

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If we talk about the boys then their shoes are designed in the form of boots, joggers and flat shoes as well. Boys shoes are simple in styling and plain with the use of bright colors. Some of the common colors that are found in boys kids shoes are brown, black, white, grey and blue. For the toddlers the shoes are set with bold and multi color shades. In the section of the girls you will going to get the shoes that are set in the styles of flat shoes, pumps, slippers and sandals. Pumps are one more time back in fashion among the girls. Girl shoes are mainly set with the adornment of the beads, pearls and flower use in them too. Some of the famous shoe brands in Pakistan are:

  1. Sketchers
  2. Next
  3. Bata
  4. Servis
  5. Mothercare
  6. The Shoe Planet

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Here we will going to paste some of the beautiful images of latest trends of kids shoes 2014 for Eid. In this way you can get to know that what kind of shoes will be best for your kid on this Eid 2014. So all the parents out there grab the lovely and trendy shoes for your kids now as all the shoe brands have arrived with their latest Eid footwear collections in the market.

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