Stylo Eid Footwear Collection 2014 For Women

Posted on Jul 11 2014 - 7:17pm by Hira

Just newly, Stylo Eid footwear collection 2014 for women has been launched inside the fashion market. This collection is just dedicated for the coming Eid 2014 occasion. Talking about Stylo shoes, this brand is known as one of the most famous and well known footwear brands in the fashion market of Pakistan. This brand is all involved in sharing with men, women and kids shoe collections. In addition Stylo has even established its sub brand named as “Fabrizio” that offer out with women based clothing collections only. Stylo has each single time appeared with some of the fresh footwear collections that have been always loved by the fashion lovers. Simplicity and modern feel in the footwear simply takes away the heart beats of women.

Stylo Eid Footwear Collection 2014 For Women

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In this Eid footwear collection 2014, women will going to find the lovely looking footwear designs that are accessible in the categories of flat shoes, slippers, sandals and high heel shoes as well. All the footwear has been beautified with the beads and stones along with tussels. All the footwear are comfortable looking in walking as high quality of leather stuff has been used in it. Stylo has set this collection affordable for the ordinary customers. Price of the slippers is almost Rs. 650 and high heel shoes have the rates of Rs.2, 990. Sandals are accesssible at the cost of Rs. 1,100.

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Colors used in all the footwear are bright and dark in combinations. As Eid is coming up in summer season so in majority of the footwear soft and light shades have been used up. This complete collection is simply breath-taking designed for the women. Which one is your favorite footwear design? You can get closer with this lovely Eid footwear collection by Stylo images by visiting the below mentioned Stylo facebook homepage:

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