Sheep Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2012 for Women

Posted on Oct 23 2012 - 2:23am by Asma

Sheep released its eid-ul-Ahza collection some time back. Sheep eid-ul-Azha collection 2012 consists of tops made from light-weight fabric. They are embellished traditionally, which makes them even more suitable for eid-ul-Azha. Light and dark hues both have been used in Sheep eid-ul=Azha collection 2012. The designs of the dresses are not like those of the earlier Sheep eid collection 2012. In fact, they are quite different. Sheep eid-ul-Azha collection 2012 dresses will be good for women of younger ages as well as teenage girls. They are not very fancy. Despite that, the outfits are very beautiful. You will find them great for both casual wear and party wear. So, if you want some nice and simple clothes for eid, go for this collection by Sheep.

Sheep is a brand by iTextiles, which is a textile trading company. Sheep has been around since 2010. In only a couple of years, it has become a big and successful brand of Pakistan. It offers quite a wide variety of stylish dresses. Most of them are simple and suitable for casual wear. Some of them are suitable for wearing for parties also. Right now, it has a few outlets in Karachi and allows customers to order the dresses from major cities of Pakistan through email.

Some of the dresses of Sheep eid-ul-Azha collection 2012 for women can be viewed below. If you want to see more dresses from Sheep eid-ul-Azha collection 2012, you will have to visit the stores of Sheep or its Facebook fan page. Hurry and go to the stores today if you want to buy any of the outfits from Sheep eid-ul-Azha collection 2012. The address of the Facebook fan page, where you can obtain more details of the dresses, has been written below for you.

Sheep Facebook Fan Page:

Sheep Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2012 for Women

Sheep Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2012 for Women

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