Sanaulla’s Pashmina Winter Shawl Collection 2011-12

As we all know that the winter season is almost inn and the weather is cold sometimes.When winter season come we all are seem to be very busy for preparation of this cold atmosphere.The most commonly and versatile accessories for this winter season is wearing shawls and sweaters. Sanaulla,The Big Store has introduced their latest collection of Pashmina shawls for upcoming winter and these all are available at their store.Pashmina shawls are totally hand made shawls come from Kashmir.Cashmere and Pashmina shawls are derived from mountain goats that why they are very warm and feel very comfortable.Latest designs of Pashmina shawls are here below in which jamawar and embroidered shawls are included.Lets see..

Pashmina Shawls For Winter 2011-12.

Latest Shawls Designs 2011-12.


Pashmina Shawls 2011-12.

 Latest Designs Of Shawls.

 Shawls At Sanaullastore.

 Pashmina Shawls Designs.

Latest Winter Shawls.

Pashmina Shawls 2011-12.




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