Nida Khurram Pret Summer Collection 2015 For Women

Nida Khurram Pret Summer collection 2015 for women has been all here now! If you want to catch up with all the live details about this exciting kind of collection then in this post, we will not be telling you the details about this collection line but will also be sharing the pictures of this collection. In this collection, you will be having pret wear summer dresses, it is a stunning collection in which you will be holding short shirts, you will too be having medium shirts and they have been fused with the tights and also with the straight pant trousers. For this collection, make up and hair styling has been done by Beenish Pervaiz and modeling has been done by Nazish Khan. Photography for this collection line has been done by Fulframes.

Nida Khurram Pret Summer Collection 2015 For Women

Nida Khurram Pret Summer Collection 2015 For Women008

If we talk about the color scheme then we have seen that in these Nida Khurram pret dresses, you will be having these stunning outfits in the shades of red, white, yellow, aqua and also black and purple. If you like catching and grabbing such kind of pretty and appealing kind of dresses then here you are, this Nida Khurram pret collection will make you to fall in love with all the pret dresses. You can also join the face book fan page of this hub and get in hand all the details about this pret collection line 2015.

Nida Khurram Pret Summer Collection 2015 For Women001

It is a lovely piece of collection line and you must not be missing it. We will be posting more updates about the hub of Nida Khurram so stay tund with us. If you want to have more variety and pictures of these kinds and styles of pret dresses then you can also get them from here.

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