The Lala textile is a famous and popular textile company in Pakistan. Every year, Lala textile showcased summer collection for Pakistani women and girls. The popular and most demanding labels of Lala textiles are Lala classics, Sana and Samia and La Feme. Recently, Lala textile has showcased new and latest summer collection 2012 for their customers i-e Kesa Summer Lawn Collection by Lala textiles. This collection is totally inspired by the Japanese culture. In this summer collection, Lala Textiles used attractive and vibrant colours like blue, aqua and dark yellow. Moreover, all the dresses are beautifully embellished with embroidery. First time, Lala textiles introduced the concept of floral patterns in their collection. Don’t waste no more time and let’s have a quick look at the stunning and gorgeous Kesa Summer Lawn collection by Lala Textiles. Currently this collection is available at all the main stores of Pakistan.

Lala Lawn Collection 2012 For Girls

Lala Summer Collection 2012

KESA Lawn Dresses 2012

Summer Collection 2012 By Lala Textiles

Lala Textiles 2012

KESA Lawn Collection 2012

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