Ittehad Textiles Eid Collection 2015 For Women

Posted on Jun 16 2015 - 6:10pm by Hira

Right here we will be giving you complete updates about this Ittehad Textiles Eid collection 2015! Photography and Concept and also Coordination for this collection line has been done by Yasser Sadiq, Art Direction has been done Faisal Faseeh. Modeling has been done by Sidra Sajjid and Kanwal Ilyas and Hair & Makeup has been done by Adeel. As you can see in the pictures that this Eid collection has been decorated and beautified with these embellished and embroidered dresses, it has been also decorated with this thread work and embroidery work. You must be quite happy after checking out these pictures because this hub of Ittehad Textiles has done this amazing kind of work.

Ittehad Textiles Eid Collection 2015 For Women

Ittehad Textiles Eid Collection 2015 For Women003


These shirts have been inducted with this thread work, it has too been embellished with this lace work. We can say that this collection is the perfect kind of formal collection line, it is the perfect kind of Eid collection line. Whatever the kind of Eid dresses you want, whatever the kind of color shades you want to have in the Eid outfits, it is this hub that can give you all the variety! Colors that have been put up in this hub are red, aqua, navy, white, grey and green.

Ittehad Textiles Eid Collection 2015 For Women002
It is the 100% best collection line and we have to say about it! You can also join the face book fan page of this clothing label and then get to know that how much amazing work has been done by this brand. Check out all of the pictures and pick out the best one Eid dress 2015. We will be sharing more of the pictures, it is not just this single eid collection line that has been launched by this hub, there is still more to come!

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