Zaid Ali Gives A Shut-up Call To The People Who Trolled Him To Stop Kissing His Wife

Pakistani-Canadian comedian Zaid Ali T and his better half Yumna have been the center of social media troll for unnecessary reasons for a while now. When it comes to desi trolls, even something as minor as a married couple showing mild PDA makes them lash out. Zaid Ali gives a shut-up call to the people who trolled him and told him to stop kissing his wife.

How hard is it for people to mind their own business? Despite living in the 21st century, our people seem to be allergic to growth. So many questions prevailing in our society as we all know that every other day, there is some person who becomes the victim of these trolls.

Recently, Ali shared a video of kissing his wife on the cheek, giving yet another reason to trolls to slam him. There is no doubt that both are one of the cutest couples and they have never shied away from showing off their love for each other. Be it adorable birthday wishes, or lovey-dovey pictures, they share it all with their fans!

However, this time around, the couple got brutally trolled on social media for their kiss on cheek video. The loving husband could not resist the cuteness of his wife and planted an affectionate kiss on her cheeks. But no, how could he without the permission of the public?

HOW DARE HE KISS HIS WIFE? Netizens troll the YouTuber

Needless to say, it was a beautiful moment to witness between the couple. But sadly, their PDA did not go down well with the online users who started trolling the two for going overboard with the romance in public.

Swipe right to see the video!

Social media is an entertaining place for sure. And as much as trolls play a huge part in contributing to this worthy cause, oftentimes, they are the reason for extreme stupidity, hatred, and extremities. In Ali’s case, the lad is more than accustomed to the trolling, hating and various other negative connotations that come along with being an ‘Internet Celebrity’.

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