Zahid Ahmed’s Journey From Zero To Hero!

Zahid Ahmed is well known Pakistani actor. He has worked in many drama serials like Alvida, Mehram, Sangat, Mor Mahal, Besharam, Zara Yaad Kar etc. Due to his dashing looking and impressive acting, he reached the heights of success in no time!

But behind every successful person, there’s a lot of unsuccessful years.

Zahid Ahmed’s Journey From Zero To Hero!

Zahid Ahmed Story

Recently, Zahid Ahmed shared journey from zero to hero, with his social media fans. He told the whole story of his life, which was so heart breaking and inspirational. Let’s read about Zahid’s journey from zero to hero!


Zahid Ahmed started working in 2011 as a chief operating officer for an I.T company. Right after getting a job, he got married and went to spend his honeymoon in Malaysia. On the last day of his honeymoon, he was shocked to hear that the I.T company he used to work for, didn’t exist anymore and they were fraudulent.

After spending honeymoon, Zahid came back to Pakistan with his wife. He was extremely upset because he had no job, and a huge debt on credit card. However, he didn’t lose hope and looked for a new job. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a job and due to the worst conditions, his marriage was about to fall apart.



In 2012, Zahid had a terrible accident and injured his spine. He remained on bed for four months, without even being able to move and walk. His marital relation with his wife became further weak and the couple thought that only divorce is the last solution to their problem! However, when Zahid got able to move and walk, he got a radio show because of his good speaking skills and voice. He further destroyed his spine by trying to go to the radio station, and lost all the body movement.

He met the head of PIMS Islamabad, who recommended him spinal surgery. After the spinal surgery, he was able to move and walk again. He started job hunt and got one which paid 10 times less! However, he didn’t lose hope, and worked hard to save his marriage life and earn money.

In the same year, he started his show on PTV home where he was hired to discuss English movies. Due to his good english speaking skills, the head of PTV gave him a full-time job to launch PTV World (English channel).


In 2013, when PPP government came to the throne, they fired the chief of PTV and Zahid Ahmed was again left without a boss! Later on, a team working with Anwar Maqsood asked him to play Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s role in SAWA 14 August (theatre drama). This time, he got full support of his wife. He worked in the theater for an year and loss 22 kgs weight, got hair transplant to play Jinnah’s role.


After working for one year in theater, he left it because the producer was corrupt and owed everyones money. This time, Zahid had no home and no money. He was alone with his wife on the roads of Karachi.

A girl from HUM TV production house called Zahid for Audition, because she was really impressed by Zahid’s act in SAWA 14 August. Fortunately, hot got selected for drama serial MEHRAM, and he became what you see him now!

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