Zahid Ahmed Call out Imran Ashraf as his Inspiration for Playing Role in Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Imran Ashraf has been quite a lot performing so many versatile roles in the past few years of his dramas and no doubt this actor is becoming an inspiration for so many old actors as well. In all such actors we have the name of Zahid Ahmed as well who called Imran Ashraf as his biggest inspiration for performing a challenging role in Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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In a latest Instagram post, Zahid Ahmed said that he is inspired by Imran Ashraf and his work. In the latest drama, this actor would be seen in the role where he is acting upon being the person of split personality of both men and women.

While interacting with the social media, Zahid Ahmed stated that:


“A lot of people commented that Imran Ashraf has given inspiration to actors to play such characters and I absolutely agree. He is a phenomenal artist and only through such brave decisions can we improve the quality of our dramas!”

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He will be playing as very strong role of a man with multiple personality disorder. The trailer of the drama has already created a buzz around the social media where Zahid character is grabbing attention of each person.

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