Yasir Hussain Opens Up About the Secret of His Engagement Pictures with Iqra Aziz

Sidra Aziz (Iqra’s sister) shared an image on her social media that looked a lot like Iqra and Yasir’s engagement. As soon as the photo used to be posted, social media users commenced speculating and most of them thought Yasir and Iqra had gotten married. Soon sufficient Yasir Hussain shared a photograph on his instagram and defined that the picture was from their engagement in February.

He shared the identical photo that went viral after human beings have been speculating they had already been married and the LSA suggestion was once fake. Yasir Hussain introduced on instagram that him and Iqra Aziz bought engaged in February in a non-public match with their family and friends.


In this put up he knew as out human beings on being jealous and passing on rumors without any backup or backbone. He goes to say that humans need to doing investigation like his marriage is a subject to study and alternatively pray for them, they’d be alot happier.

This is what he has to say:

He also mentioned that Iqra was surprised at how Yasir proposed infront of every person at the award show, not because he proposed.

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