Yasir Hussain is becoming the King of Controversies Now

Yasir Hussain has been in headlines for one motive or the other. It’s not been long seeing that Yasir handed comments on Hania’s skin and was once criticized with the aid of the masses.

Yasir was once giving an interview on a local TV channel. Things were going regular however then the host requested him that when will he get married and to whom? This gave a new turn to the interview and Yasir shared his views about a quantity of things in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

First of all, he stated that Pakistanis ought to take his jokes gently and not make a controversy out of his jokes. Yasir, very actually said that Hania and different actors who have been aiding her on the ultimate controversy over his remarks on her skins have been doing this for fame.


We have seen Yasir and Iqra courting for quite some time now. Both of them lately went to Thailand for a day out however Yasir said that they are simply friends. He highlighted another difficulty that his statement about Udaari and Ahsan Khan used to be given a one-of-a-kind attitude to make a piece of news. Moreover, Yasir said that Imran Abbas is no longer an actor to him.

Such controversial issues are no longer desirable for Yasir’s career. He ought to clearly research from his mistakes and attempt to refrain from passing awful remarks about anyone.

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