Yasir Hussain Finally Opens About His Relationship Status

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are the most recent talk in media outlets and their relationship bits of gossip are making all rounds around the nation.  Their relationship bits of gossip began a year ago and now it appears as though the pair is all prepared to take their relationship to the unheard of level.

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Furthermore, we need to state, at whatever point we spot them together, they generally resemble a much adorable couple.

Recently, Yasir Hussain posted an image in which Iqra Aziz can be seen all bowed down on her knees and proposing him with a blossom. Everyone kicked so energized and off pouring their all the best to them!


Anyway as of late, Yasir Hussain denied that he is seeing anyone and said that he is as of now single. Amid a meeting with Momina Sibtain, the on-screen character was gotten some information about his relationship to which he answered, “I am single”.

Well this will definitely be disappointing for the fans of both the celebrities who wanted to see them together again and again. But maybe some hope is still there and they might want to keep it a secret! What do you think?

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