Yasir Hussain Admits Calling Hania Aamir “Danedar” Is The Meanest Thing He Ever Did

Yasir Hussain has been in the limelight for a multitude of lately. Even when he proposed to Iqra Aziz, a lot of humans had only poor matters to say about the way he proposed and then due to this fact confirmed affection to her publicly.

But then again, Yasir Hussain is no stranger to controversy and a lot of human beings think most of it is orchestrated by way of him.

So in his modern-day interview, Two Minutes With Faiza Saleem he shed a few misconceptions and even acknowledged sure matters he had stated in the past as being mean.

Faiza asks him the meanest element he has stated to anyone and he right away responds with ‘danedar’, a comment he had made about Hania Amir which raised a lot of hue and cry on social media. So it looks that while Yasir Hussain surely knew he had made a imply comment, he still confirmed no regrets about it or wished to change what had happened, because when Faiza asks if there is something he should alternate by using going to the past, he says nothing.


Additionally, when Faiza asks him about a funny story he desires he hadn’t made; an ideal chance to speak about the distasteful funny story about baby molestation he had made at an award show, he rather says “koi joke aisa nahi, major jokes karta hello nahi.”



Yasir Hussain and the phrase controversy go hand-in-hand, it seems. And that looks to stem from his ‘I don’t care’ mind-set which leads him to make certain jokes or feedback which can be insensitive and crude. And seeing that even he realizes when he has crossed a line via acknowledging what he stated to Hania as the meanest factor he has ever stated to someone, it makes you wonder why he by no means chooses to apologize.

You can watch the complete interview here:

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