Yahsir Waheed Lawn collection 2011

Yahsir Waheed is one of the youngest and most probably finest name in Pakistan fashion industry. In 1999, the company named Brimful Designs, launched “Yahsir Waheed  Lawn” under the umbrella of “Yahsir Waheed” fashion label. Recently Yahsir Waheed did his spring lawn exhibition 2011. Like every year, this year too Yahsir Waheed took bold new steps in terms of design, color and scale of his collection. Yahsir Waheed creations are fresh and modern as well as very traditional for Pakistani women.  Yahsir Waheed Lawn Prints 2011 Exhibition is recently held in Pearl Continental. Take a look to the Yahsir Waheed latest colorful lawn prints for girls.

 Yasir Waheed Lawn Prints

 Yashir Waheed 2011


 yahsir waheed lawn exhibition 2011


 Yahsir Waheed Lawn Collection

 Latest Lawn Prints 2011

 Latest Lawn Prints

yasir waheed spring/summer collection 2011
Source : Yashir Waheed Lawn For Women 2011

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